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The Impellam Way

Each of our businesses have distinct specialisms so they often have different ways of meeting the particular needs of their customers and candidates. That said, we are a family of businesses and every single one of us is guided by our four signature practices. This is 'The Impellam Way'.

Tuning in to customers  

Tuning in is much more than listening. We see the world through our customers’ eyes and work with them to make their businesses better.

Producing stars

The art of delivering fulfilment to candidates. When we achieve this, we will provide candidates who will delight our customers with their commitment and talent.

Managing promises

We will all make, keep and deliver on our promises daily. Being true to our promises will make us the 'world's most trusted staffing company'.

High-integrity leadership

The art of inspiring our people and each other to stick to our plan and deliver results.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide fulfilment and a sense of purpose for our people, and to help our customers build better businesses in a changing world. 

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3rd March 2015

Impellam Group Preliminary Results Statement

​We will all make and keep promises to our customers, our candidates, our investors and each other and believe this will make us the world’s most trusted staffing company