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Managed Services – Guidant Group

A core part of our strategy is to see the world through our customers’ eyes and make sure we are working with them to make their businesses better. United Airlines have been working with Impellam North America since 2000 through our CORESTAFF Services brand where we were the primary supplier of non-IT staff for the airline.
Over the last three years, and as United Airlines’ needs have changed, the Impellam North America team have worked closely with stakeholders to evolve the service, firstly by adding IT staffing services and ultimately by rolling out our Managed Service Programme (MSP) for the IT division under the Guidant Group brand. We now manage a workforce of some 1,000 temporary staff and contractors for United, 400 of which are IT contractors and the remainder across a wide spectrum of United’s operations, including Airport Operations, Finance, Flight Operations, Human Resources, Technical Operations and Reservations.
In addition to fulfilling all United’s contingent recruitment needs, Guidant Group is proactively engaged in running strategy sessions for retirees and voluntary early retirees, providing support for temporary workers between assignments and managing United’s internship programmes. United benefited from an integrated recruitment programme and full visibility and control of their contingent workforce.