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/Managing Promises - Celsian Education raises standards in education recruitment

Managing Promises - Celsian Education raises standards in education recruitment

The Children and Young People Guarantee
Celsian Education offers clients a “Children and Young People Guarantee”, reflecting our intention to provide an outstanding commitment to safeguarding children.
As a specialist education recruitment consultancy that “is dedicated to teaching people”, we are proud to have one of the few money-back guarantees – if not the only one – available in our industry.
We make a pledge to our customers that if the quality of work undertaken by someone we place has resulted in a negative impact on children's learning within your school, you will not be charged.
Importantly, this is 100% no quibble.
The situation
A primary consultant placed a teacher into a role with a prospective client – this was the first time they had worked with us and they were keen to assess our services.
As is standard procedure at Celsian, at the end of our teachers’ first day we phoned the school to request feedback on their performance. The school informed the consultant that the candidate had been witnessed using their mobile phone during the placement when they should have been teaching the class of children. The actions had been witnessed by another member of staff.
Implementing our guarantee
The candidate’s behaviour was unacceptable; it had a negative impact on the children’s learning that day. The Children and Young People Guarantee was immediately implemented, without any prompting from the school.
A visit with the school’s Business Manager – who is in charge of booking cover – was subsequently arranged, and they informed the consultant that the Headmaster was ‘delighted’ with the way that Celsian acted in relation to the incident.
Fulfilling promises
The Headmaster recognised the commitment to the safeguarding of children that Celsian showed and, over the 14 days following this incident, the school worked with Celsian to fill their bookings, demonstrating confidence in Celsian.
In addition, the Headmaster also managed a second school and appointed Celsian for a 16-day period.
The Headmaster recognised that, on limited occasions, candidates may not be of the calibre that is required. However, Celsian’s guarantee showed the utmost commitment to education and children. Their promise, alongside the immediate fulfilment of it, produced a level of trust which, under other circumstances, can take years to build.
“We launched the Children and Young People Guarantee at the end of December 2013 and I personally train every single person within Celsian, and have visited all the branches to refresh. Delivering on our promises is at the heart of our business”. - Lee Brammer, Managing Director.
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