Carlisle Cleaning is a specialist brand within Carlisle Support Services and a market leader in the UK cleaning industry, delivering innovative solutions in all the sectors we operate in. With our colleagues in Carlisle Support Services, we are also able to provide integrated solutions to meet any need requiring a variety of soft FM sector services.

Formed in 1989 and now a major part of Carlisle Support Services, Carlisle Cleaning are renowned as being a leading proponent of process engineered solutions. We are able to deliver a more efficient service for less, by improving the cleaning processes and procedures.

In common with many Carlisle businesses, Carlisle Cleaning puts good people at the core of what we do and then equips these people with the latest technology. This ensures a best-in-class service at every level of our operations, whether at the point of service delivery, or in respect of our management team or back office support.

We understand that when we work for you we are not just working on a cleaning contract, we are doing your cleaning for you and your customers, and that you have trusted us to get it right for you, first time, every time. Understanding that is the key to providing you with the sort of exceptional customer service which we believe should come as standard.

We are more than just cleaners and our core competency is cleaning high footfall areas on a 24/7 basis, especially where the cleaning function is time sensitive.

This means we are experts in operating in special environments such as railway and bus stations, on board trains, leisure and retail environments. In fact, we clean more trains and buses than anyone else in the UK and are one of the UK’s largest mobile cleaning solutions to the retail sector.

This also means that we are experienced in working in environments where there are special conditions concerning safety and security. Thousands of our staff are only able to carry out their work because they have undergone additional training so that they are safety qualified, or have undergone additional security screening to allow them to do work where they do. Often, both of these are the case.

We also provide high level cleaning, deep cleaning, hygiene products and cleaning hardware, pest control and a range of environmental services. We work with our clients to develop ways in which we can maximise the benefit they derive from having our people around - our aim is to add value to every minute we work, by doing more and doing it better.