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Impellam North America

Impellam North America (NA) is renowned for providing a specialist recruitment service to its clients. Core business revolves around the expert delivery of Managed Services and Specialist Staffing, providing quality talent where it is needed. We form strong, strategic partnerships with our clients and work in tandem to deliver bespoke solutions to solve workforce challenges.

Business model

Having received direct feedback from our customers, Impellam NA has implemented a strategy that centres on the client. We provide them with a single contact, responsible
for co-ordinating the delivery of services across multiple skill sets. Impellam NA’s internal organisation operates in a cohesive team environment, which empowers employees and celebrates performance. The flat structure is aligned with the business
strategy of staying focused on client and candidate satisfactionand supporting an agile and entrepreneurial approach.

During 2013, Impellam NA transitioned into an integrated front and back office MS Dynamics solution, allowing the business to move to a disciplined client-centric operating model with unified sales and operations. This has created a strong, sustainable business model, improving divisional performance and economic value. Brand silos have been removed, creating a shared service support model and a competitive advantage. This has led to a more robust financial performance. Business integration is driving a wealth of corporate insight capabilities with standardised data, common metrics and operational efficiencies across the division.

Market focus

Impellam NA sells and delivers through two primary channels: Managed Services and Specialist Staffing, aligned by twelve identified verticals and nine major geographic markets. Services and solutions include: Temporary & Contractor Staffing Services,
Resource Process Outsourcing (RPO), Managed Service Programmes, Direct Hire, Payroll Services, Independent Contract Compliance and Integrated Workforce Solutions. Impellam NA’s talent bank consists of multiple skill sets such as: IT, telecom, industrial, accounting/finance, admin/clerical, sales, call centre, scientific, clinical and other professional trades.