Our story: a true partnership with Airbus

A UK partnership between Airbus and Impellam takes a smarter approach to hiring contingent workers.
Having skilled and motivated people available for fixed-term projects allows Airbus to respond to changing demands quickly. But managing a dynamic contingent workforce effectively can be extremely complicated.

Airworks -  a partnership between Airbus and one of Impellam’s managed services providers, Guidant -  is helping to ensure that the supply of high-quality people is reliable, straightforward and consistent. Under the partnership Guidant provides a comprehensive managed recruitment service across Airbus sites in the UK.

Airbus' relationship with Impellam Group stretches back 15 years, through some of our specialist staffing brands. Airworks was born in 2016 when a different approach was required to manage Airbus’ large and dynamic workforce, and to ensure that information and processes were standardised across their recruitment activities. 
Guidant's Account Director for Airbus explained:
"Previously, contingent workers at different sites were being recruited from different suppliers, at different rates and in a variety of ways – which isn’t the fairest or most efficient way to approach your talent management.
"Now when a hiring manager needs to find a new specialist, they log in to an online management system and add in their request. This goes through standardised approval processes before we release it to a supply chain of agencies who we trust to find the talent that our customers need. This has created efficiencies and greater transparency. We can get the role out to even more people looking for their next role, giving the hiring managers peace of mind that they are going to be able to find the very best people for their team."  
James is one of the contingent workers at Defence and Space, as part of the propulsion systems team. 
"I spent seven years in the oil and gas industry, but was made redundant when key projects were shelved," says James, a Materials Engineer. "It was difficult to find roles to fit my specific skills before this opportunity arose to get into the aerospace sector with Airbus. Everyone gets along well, and there's no differentiation between permanent and temporary. We are all part of one team.” 

"There's more than 100 years of Airbus expertise in the Airworks team," says Lynsey, who is based at Broughton, where she and the team look after all 1,600 contingent people for Airbus in the UK. 

"It is a complex company and we are delivering a bespoke service for the differing needs of the business. We speak the same language as Airbus and feel like part of the team."

For managers like Roy, this relationship is crucial.

"We need a supplier who can find the right people just when we need them. They need to understand the softer side of what we are looking for, not just the skills and experience but the right kind of people to fit straight into a multi-disciplinary team. The more our partners know our business and understand our needs, the better."
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