Natalia Mykolska smiling at camera with hands together in front of her, leaning against a chair

A special event with Ukrainian national Nataliya Mykolska

As part of our ongoing drive to help Ukrainian refugees to find work in the UK, we held a special event for Impellam colleagues with Ukrainian national Nataliya Mykolska. Nataliya is a member of DATTALION, a not-for-profit organisation run by Ukrainian women to help document the war in Ukraine.

Hundreds of employees tuned in to hear about Nataliya’s experience of the war. They learned about the work she is doing with DATTALION, the struggles faced by displaced Ukrainians when they arrive in a new country and what we can do to help them find work and settle.

Nataliya also explained how we can support Ukrainians still living in their home country through organisations such as or through the official website of Ukraine.

Following the launch of our Jobs for Ukraine scheme earlier this year, we’ve received thousands of applications from Ukrainian nationals looking for work – and we need your support to find them roles.

If you can help, email All profits from placements will be donated to International Red Cross.


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