Career Development Support

Developing your teams to improve productivity and motivation

Career development opportunities within a business do not only contribute towards employees’ career progressions, but it also increases employee motivation and productivity. At Impellam, our global Performance and Development team is committed to ensuring everyone across our Group has the resources and support needed to develop and perform at their very best at every stage of their career.

A great example of this, is the story of Samantha Roberts, Head of Key Accounts and Client Solutions at Impellam brand, Carbon60, who’s shared her journey with Carbon60 since she joined as a Security Administrator in 2012 in a recent blog.

Samantha was assigned a mentor during her journey at Carbon60 to support her growth and development, and described working at Carbon60 as a ‘place of great balance’. To watch the full video of Samantha’s story click here.

Carbon60’s client services are diverse; therefore the team consists of recruitment professionals, industry experts such as engineers, and support teams. To find out more about working with our Carbon60 brand, click here, or learn what it’s like to work at Impellam Group here.

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