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Identifying Industry Threats and Opportunities at SIA ExecForum

Julia Robertson, Impellam Group CEO, was invited to the SIA ExecForum Europe this week to identify pressing threats and opportunities in the staffing industry. 

Hosted by the Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA), the Executive Forum is the most prominent annual meeting for CEOs, owners, and senior executives in the staffing industry.

During the panel session, Julia detailed the significant impact that legislative, compliance, technology and global socio-economic changes are having on businesses and the world of work, and the important role staffing firms must play in partnering with businesses and candidates to address threats and leverage opportunities. 

“Brilliant recruiters and MSPs stay really close to their markets so they can innovate and adjust their service to meet the changing needs of their customers and candidates. That’s why we believe our virtuosos make the difference. Our virtuosos are trusted to understand what matters to their customers and candidates to help build better businesses in a changing world”, says Julia.

“We must strike the balance between our customers’ and candidates’ desires to instantly access good work, and good workers, via online apps with our burning desire to show that there’s a better way to do recruitment; a way that ensures people are fulfilled and engaged to truly help our customers’ businesses thrive.” 

“We must continue to evolve our services so that we maintain the impeccable blend of people and process, freeing up our talented virtuosos to do what people do best when they’re enabled by technology.”

“With so many industry changes affecting our customers’ businesses, our candidates working lives, and our own business, we have to stay relevant and deliver on our promise to be trusted by all our stakeholders.”

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