Impellam talent consulting

Impellam Group launches Impellam Talent Consulting

Designed to help organisations of all sizes navigate and solve their biggest workforce management challenges with confidence

We are very pleased to announce today the launch of our new global consultancy division, Impellam Talent Consulting.

Impellam Talent Consulting, headed by Penny Queller, Chief Customer Officer, will give organisations the opportunity to tap into the extensive expertise of Impellam’s global consulting network in a smart, flexible way. The service offers capability across 8 core areas including current state evaluation for MSP and RPO programmes; workforce mix modelling and transformation, such as contingent workforce, fulltime hiring, and services procurement buy-strategy design; and broader industry and market expertise.

“We speak to clients every day about the changing employment market. We understand their need to predict and mitigate the risks of the future, that’s why we are launching this important new service.’ said Penny Queller, Chief Customer Officer of Impellam Group. ‘As businesses move to unfamiliar blended and remote workforce models, organizations are increasingly seeking guidance from our teams of highly experienced specialists to help them plan and activate robust, future-fit talent solutions. What’s great about the way we have designed the service is its adaptability to our clients’ needs.”

Impellam Talent Consulting launches with an established, private talent pool of industry-leading experts and solution providers that have extensive experience delivering global solutions to world-leading organisations. Impellam Talent Consulting will help organisations across the globe to make more informed, innovative, and results-driven business decisions, ultimately helping today’s business leaders to solve their most pressing workforce management challenges with the greatest confidence.

Queller continued, “Historically, only our enterprise level customers were able to take advantage of our in-house consultancy services. Our goal is that our new division is accessible and beneficial for organizations of all sizes, including those with self-managed in-house MSPs, fully insourced or outsourced perm hiring, or clients seeking new SOW management solutions. It is scalable and allows anyone to leverage our brightest minds in the precise areas they need support, be it for example creating a new DE&I strategy, selecting or implementing a new talent tech stack, workforce planning, in-house MSP current state analysis, or workforce mix modelling and transformation. Crucially, our services are both strategic and tactical in nature.”

Find out more about Impellam Talent Consulting here or email us at and we’ll come back to you as soon as we can.


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