Digital thinking for flexible working

Impellam Group’s mission is to provide fulfilment and a sense of purpose for our people and help our customers build better businesses in a changing world. 

We are specialists in finding the right people for the right roles. But given increasing skills gaps globally, we sometimes need to go above and beyond to develop candidates with the right skills too. 

Impellam’s managed services brand Guidant has a long-standing relationship with JCB, the world-renowned manufacturer of construction machinery. At any one time, we provide this client with up to 800 workers across their eight locations in the UK.   

One skill that is pivotal to JCB’s operations is, unfortunately, also one of the scarcest in the UK – metal inert gas (MIG) welding. After tuning in to JCB’s needs, as well as understanding the issue, we put forward a proposal to create an apprenticeship scheme to train a new generation in this valuable and much needed skill. 
Seeing the opportunity in apprenticeships

The apprenticeship levy in the UK poses challenges to temporary workers often due to their length of contract, however we saw it as an opportunity to upskill both young and older workers and to support JCB as a strategic partner. 

A true collaboration then evolved, where we sourced potential apprentices and set up an assessment centre to find the right calibre of candidates. This was achieved in just four weeks. We then employed the successful candidates and continue to give them full employer support, while JCB provides unrivalled specialist training at the JCB Academy and direct experience on-site too.

In September 2016, the scheme began with 19 apprentices taking advantage of this new opportunity to earn as they learn. If successful in their training, it will guarantee them an opportunity with JCB, give them a much sought after skill for life and provide them with opportunities for the future. Due to the success of the first scheme, in September 2017 we welcomed our second cohort of 20 apprentices to the JCB Academy.