Impellam delivers thought-provoking seminars to help build better businesses in a changing world. We know that the most important asset in any business is your people. Impellam Seminars tackle pertinent issues surrounding talent that businesses across the world are facing in this transformative age.

Each seminar combines extensive research with real-world scenarios. We provide tangible, actionable solutions that can be implemented straight away to improve business productivity and growth. Impellam seminar subjects fall into two volumes. The first volume considers the eight stages of the employee lifecycle, whilst the second explores the variables impacting human productivity. 

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Seminar Volume 1 

The Employee Life-Cycle identifies the different stages all employees advance through when working for an organisation, giving HR and Management the opportunity to enhance the process. Impellam has 9 seminars that cover the Employee Life-Cycle with each considering one or multiple aspects.

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Seminar Volume 2 

Businesses everywhere are trying to get 'more for less' to increase the output of what they already have, to increase their Productivity. In this series of seminars, we will address the fundamental importance of human beings by placing them front and centre and explore innovative ways through which businesses can maximise human productivity in the modern world.

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“If you go to only one seminar this year, make sure it’s this one. Russell is an exciting, engaging speaker and captivates his audience from his first word to his last. How many times have you left a seminar thinking you could have done something much more productive? This will be the best time you can spend if you want to know what makes your colleagues tick. As a babyboomer managing a young team, this seminar helped me to understand the motivation, the values and the beliefs of my team and I raved about this presentation for months afterwards. I retired at the end of January and this is by far the best presentation I have ever seen (and I’ve seen a few over the last 40 years...)”

Sue Harris – retired, ex CRA Manager Novartis