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Helping a charity to make sure their money goes to those in need
Impellam’s managed services brand Guidant  works with a leading children’s charity in the UK. Like every charity, it’s essential that as much of the money they raise goes directly towards those who need it most, and that administration costs don’t hinder them from achieving their purpose. 
In 2014, we worked closely with them to look at their entire recruitment process to help them deliver the best talent but also create efficiencies and cost savings. Since then, we have supported them with recruitment processing, advertising, campaign management and on-boarding. 
It’s part of our promise-based culture that we do what we say we will and our team was committed to delivering the results we had promised. 
In 2016, we found 460 talented people to fill permanent vacancies, of which 95% were directly sourced. We did this by building new attraction strategies to find them the talent they needed while protecting their brand and reputation. 
In the first half of that year we also reduced the time-to-hire from 100+ days to circa 56 days, which meant that roles weren’t left open for nearly as long. 
We worked hard to create efficiencies and find the charity talented people, but were also committed to saving money. Following a thorough spend review, we reduced advertising spend from £500,000 to £350,000 by using a more effective advertising strategy in the first year of our partnership. In the second this reduced again to £270,000.
We know from our broad experience that hiring managers need to feel part of the process to make it work. So, as we implemented new processes, we also developed and rolled out online webinars and conference calls to over 400 hiring managers, providing central support to aid them throughout the process.
We are proud that we have provided so many talented people with their next fulfilling role and that we have delivered what we said we would for our customer – enabling them to support even more children in the future.