General Covid-19 FAQs

As we all face change in our day-to-day personal and business lives due to covid-19, we want to reassure you, as much as we are able to, that we are taking the necessary steps to ensure the health and wellbeing of our people at work who partner with you, our candidates and our suppliers as well as our approach to business continuity.

To date, we have been closely following and adhering to regional government and local health authority guidance across our key regions.

If you have any covid-19 related questions that are not covered below, click here to reach out to us.

What have you done as a business in response to covid-19?

Click here to view our covid-19 statement that confirms our position and activities relating to covid-19.

Is Impellam Group still holding events?

All internal events and employee incentive trips have been cancelled until further notice.

Are we meant to be providing candidates with letters to confirm they are travelling to work?

Some organisations are providing their people with letters to ensure that if/when further restrictions are put in place, they can continue to travel to and from work. However, this is not a legal requirement at this stage.

Should everyone be wearing a face covering?

Rules and regulations regarding face coverings vary across the regions that we operate in. For more detailed and up-to-date information, please follow local health authority advice.

What happens when a candidate says they think they have covid-19 or the symptoms of a continuous cough and fever?

Under no circumstances will we instruct people to attend work if they have been diagnosed with covid-19 or have the symptoms of a continuous cough and fever. We will refer the candidate to their local health authority for guidance and inform you that the candidate is unable to work, and we will work with you to find a replacement candidate if necessary.

Are you still conducting interviews with candidates?

Yes. However, we restrict unnecessary social contact and where possible, we will conduct interviews digitally.

Should we allow all workers to work from home?

This is ultimately your decision as our client, however we fully support the advice to allow people to work from home where possible. Click here for a useful document to share with candidates who are working from home. It covers tips on staying productive, and how to maintain good mental and physical health.

We’re hearing different things, it is confusing

We encourage you to keep abreast of the situation and the most reliable source is your local healthcare provider briefings through a government source: