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Solve your complex workforce challenges with confidence.

Access our brightest minds on a project by project basis

In today’s uncertain world of work, the ability to navigate and solve complex workforce challenges is key to helping your business thrive. Our industry-leading talent consultants can help you: 

  • Plan and activate robust, future-fit talent solutions
  • Take both a strategic and scalable approach, backed by decades of specialist knowledge and expertise
  • Make use of the latest workforce technologies and proven methodologies
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All the answers you need to succeed

As a valued Impellam Talent Consulting customer, you will work with our market-leading team of problem-solvers. You will benefit from their expert knowledge, and they will help answer your most important questions such as:  ● How can I drive further programme improvements and cost savings?  ● How do I get the most from my VMS investment?  ● How can I engage more talent from under-represented groups?  ● How do I keep up with workforce transformation?

We offer unrivalled expertise across 8 core areas and our teams are available for one off consultancy assignments or regular retained support.

Strategic Partnership             

Benefit from unbiased and independent talent advisory and recruitment solutions. We’ll assess your unique talent objectives and create a streamlined, scalable approach to external workforce programme design, management and monitoring.

Recruitment BPO                            

Outsource any element of your contingent or permanent recruitment process to Impellam experts with our agile and scalable Recruitment BPO solutions.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Transform your approach to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion with support from our award-winning experts.

Services Procurement Buy Strategy

Streamline your Statement of Work and Services Procurement management by introducing an increased level of rigor and accountability to this often under the radar spend.

Workforce Mix Modelling and Transformation

Analyse current labour utilisation across the organisation and create a decision-making framework for worker classification to re-define how work gets done at the right cost with the lowest risk. Make workforce change happen. 

Current State Evaluation               

Assess your current contingent labour or RPO programme maturity against the market and develop a strategic roadmap for further cost saving and optimisation.

VMS Implementation & Management

Optimise your investment in Vendor Management System (VMS) Technology by engaging our teams of experts to implement and manage this complex technology for you.

Employer Branding                  

Define and activate your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and positively influence how you are perceived by talent in today’s complex and competitive market.

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