Our culture of Virtuosity

We work in a way that gives our Virtuosos more autonomy to solve customers’ problems and have their say. All our colleagues get the chance to shape our business and play a key role in Group decision-making. Take our Virtuoso Alliance, for example: it’s a shadow board that empowers talented people across the business to influence leadership and make their mark. We also equip our people with the right tools to succeed and to grow within the Group over time.

The beautiful basics

We make sure that what we call ‘the beautiful basics’ ways of working are in place and deeply woven into all our businesses. And we focus on partnering with organisations that also value engaged, fulfilled people.

The Virtuoso way

Every single one of our businesses works in ‘the Virtuoso way’, forming the foundation of an unstoppable, collaborative Group-wide culture. This culture is one that’s deeply rooted in trusted behaviours and realised by entrepreneurial Virtuosos. They’re the ones who create our competitive advantage and deliver on promises to all our stakeholders.

julia robertson
Virtuoso Alliance

We’re all in this together, so naturally we all get the chance to have our say. Every six months, our Virtuosos are invited to the Virtuoso Alliance, which works as a shadow board. The alliance meets with the Impellam leadership, including Group Chief Executive Julia Robertson, once a month for a six-month period. By sharing ideas, insights and observations, we delve into topics that challenge our thinking and ensure that we continually innovate for the future. We look for people with diverse perspectives, backgrounds and knowledge who want to make a difference to Impellam and the world of work.