Our Ethos

Through Virtuosity and a consistent, group-wide culture we deliver the Virtuoso Way, which enables us to build lasting relationships through trusted behaviours. The Virtuoso Way is our consistent, collaborative Group-wide culture, based on trusted behaviours, delivered by entrepreneurial leaders. At the heart of building trust is the everyday practice in which people make promises to each other to bring about a future that benefits all.

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Our culture of Virtuosity

At the heart of our integrated, collaborative business model is a virtuous circle of making and keeping promises, engendering trust and loyalty. By keeping our promises we retain clients, candidates, employees and investors for longer, and reap the benefits of that longevity. Our culture of Virtuosity is created by passionate people who are committed and driven to find better ways to deliver the right solutions. We make sure that ‘the beautiful basics’ as a Virtuoso way of working are in place and deeply embedded in all of our businesses, all of the time and we make investment promises to sustain, enhance and innovate our combined portfolio.

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Our Value Creation

All our businesses work in the ‘The Virtuoso Way’ which embeds a consistent, collaborative Group-wide culture, based on trusted behaviours, delivered by entrepreneurial Virtuoso leaders who can drive our competitive advantage and deliver on our promises to all our stakeholders. We tune in to our customers and work closely with them to find people for good work to help them build better businesses. From the outset, we listen to our candidates and find them good work that fulfils them and matches their aptitudes, skills and aspirations. We employ people who care about what we do and we develop them, so they have the right skills and experience to do their job by being Virtuosos in their field.

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Making & Keeping Promises

To become the world’s most trusted staffing company – our people make & keep good Promises every day.

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Our Strategic Priorities

We believe we retain customers, people and investors for longer than our competitors because we’re trusted to do what we say we are going to do. We work collaboratively across our diverse portfolio with a shared vision, mission, style and language we call ‘The Virtuoso Way’. This enables us to deliver differentiated, integrated solutions and services to our customers, and to find good work for our people.