Our Ethos

Through Virtuosity and a consistent, group-wide culture we deliver the Impellam Way, which enables us to build lasting relationships through trusted behaviours. The Impellam Way is a set of signature practices, underpinned by making and keeping Promises, to deliver better results for colleagues, customers and candidates alike.

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Our culture of Virtuosity

Reach for an Oxford Dictionary, and you’ll find that a ‘Virtuoso’ is a person highly skilled in music or another ‘artistic pursuit’. At Impellam, we particularly like the second part, because we view the ability of our people to deliver staffing solutions in the Impellam Way, as very much an art. Our culture of Virtuosity is created by passionate people who are committed and driven to find better ways to deliver the right solutions.

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The Impellam Way

All 3,200 Impellam people work in the Impellam Way, our signature practices based on trusted behaviours - Tuning in to customers and candidates, Producing stars and High integrity, virtuoso leadership.

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Making & Keeping Promises

To become the world’s most trusted staffing company – our people make & keep good Promises every day.

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