Ukraine - One year on

Today marks one year since Russia invaded Ukraine. One year on, thousands of Ukrainians have lost their lives and millions have been displaced, seeking refuge overseas.

Since the war began, Impellam quickly showed support and solidarity with Ukrainians by launching a donation match campaign with our colleagues, donating to the International Red Cross to help with humanitarian efforts. Together we raised over £27,297.

We made a promise to help refugees impacted by the war in Ukraine. When refugees started arriving in the UK, we launched our Jobs for Ukraine scheme, a tech-enabled solution to help those settling in the UK to find work.

This included launching a chatbot on our website that is available in English and Ukrainian to help consolidate applications as well as providing resources and guides to helping the job search and adjusting to life in the UK. We worked together, across our brands, to mobilise a cross-brand team to help refugees find work, with any profit from placements being donated to the International Red Cross. We have since engaged with thousands of Ukrainians, to complete pre-screening and right-to-work checks and have worked with clients to place over 70 Ukrainian refugees into roles across the UK.

In October 2022, we held a special event for our colleagues with Nataliya Mykolska, a Ukrainian national who is a member of DATTALION, a not-for-profit organisation run by Ukrainian women to help document the war in Ukraine. We heard her experience of the war, about the work she is doing with DATTALION, what struggles displaced Ukrainian’s face when they arrive in a new country and what we can continue to do to help them find work and settle in.

Today, our thoughts are with Ukraine, it’s people and with all those affected by the devastating humanitarian crisis that continues to unfold. We are committed to keep supporting and helping refugees find roles. If you would like to join our initiative to help Ukrainian refugees and have suitable roles, please contact us,


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