Global Talent Acquisition & Managed Workforce Solutions

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Talent Acquisition and Managed Solutions

Guidant Global blends different sourcing models to suit every unique client need. By providing our clients with comprehensive cross-sector strategic workforce solutions that lead to better management outcomes. The breadth of services focus on effectively implementing across industries, service lines and sourcing strategies to build better businesses.

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Sector and Function Specialists

Lorien and Medacs Global Group provide a unique suite of Managed Workforce Solutions to support our clients’ specific needs.

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Technology-Led Specialists

Comensura provides our clients with transparent central control, delivered via a consultative, proprietary tech-led solution that is independent of the hiring system. Providing unbiased local choice that is informed by an intimate understanding of the supply chain, our technology-led specialist delivers a platform to enable greater cost control that is both independent and transparent, and one step ahead of the supply chain.

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Solutions explained
Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Managing a client’s permanent recruitment function as an integrated part of their business. We provide Applicant Tracking System (ATS) technology and act on behalf of our clients as brand ambassadors, developing employer branding and value proposition. 

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Payroll Services

Taking the headache out of payroll for our clients, ensuring all of your people are paid on-time, whilst saving businesses time and effort through the use of robust systems and processes.

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Statement of Work

Supporting the Statement of Work (SoW) market by taking on the contractual responsibilities of delivering the SoW for our clients and their suppliers. A procurement solution captures spend of SoW suppliers within a Managed Workforce Programme.

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Employer Branded Recruitment

The application of a bespoke composition of the most effective marketing strategies and sourcing channels that protect a client’s brand and source the best talent. Using digital sourcing and marketing expertise to develop targeted and client-branded candidate attraction campaigns. 

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For a real example of how we've used Employer Branded Recruitment to perfectly position a client's employer brand to attract and retain the right people for the job, download a case study here.