MSP & Contingent Workforce Solutions

Up to 40% of the global workforce is now contingent. Our Managed Service Providers (MSP) and contingent workforce solutions are designed to meet the highly varied needs of businesses today to manage this increasingly vital talent.

From simple self-service and independent vendor neutral models to master vendor STEM solutions, payrolling, contingent RPO, and hybrid, highly customised consultative global programmes, all our MSP solutions are designed to increase the quality and efficiency of your contingent workforce whilst reducing associated risk and cost.

By partnering with Impellam Group, you’ll gain access to our collective portfolio of fresh-thinking global and local experts to find the ideal MSP solution for your contingent workforce needs. To learn more about our STEM MSP solutions, click here.

Impellam brands in action

To demonstrate our Group’s capabilities, we’ve compiled 2 examples below of Impellam brands supporting their clients with MSP & contingent workforce solutions - providing strategic, financial and operational benefits. Click here for a PDF download.

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