Scientific Service Solutions

Across the biotech and pharma industry, our scientific service solution (called Synergy) implants teams of scientific professionals into businesses to deliver an agreed-upon scope of services withing a specified length of time and budget.

By operating a Statement of Work (SoW) within your lab or manufacturing department, it frees up your team to concentrate on core businesses and other important work; mitigates headcount and recruitment risks; retains your company culture and provides significant cost savings. Synergy employees become fully integrated into your business, embrace your culture and values, and are regularly trained and upskilled to remain agile and informed. Because of this agility, we can quickly redeploy teams into new projects without any downtime for training and development.

With over fifteen years of successfully delivering our onsite SoW solution to STEM businesses, Synergy provides an effective workforce solution without the usual disruption, and helps you maximise productivity whilst giving your business the edge.

Impellam brands in action

See below example of SRG supporting a client with our Synergy service, that's also available to download here.

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