Statement of Work

Statement of Work (SoW) models are outcome-based contracts. Through our specialist brands, we provide the expertise to deliver services against a defined set of outputs, milestones, or deliverables, so you can be confident of an effective and timely delivery.

SoW is an alternative to conventional recruitment models, where instead of supplying resources on an hourly basis, SoW provides fixed costs for achieving set milestones or deliverables. A collaborative approach ensures that we understand your requirements and the culture of your business to connect the right systems and teams to your project.

If required, our teams can manage the full SoW lifecycle including scoping requirements, service delivery, administration and process management, offices and workers, and measurement. SoW projects can be of varying scales and durations and can be delivered onsite at a client’s premises or from our own locations.

For more information on our SoW and Services Procurement solutions click here, or visit our brands' websites below to find out more.

Impellam brands in action

To demonstrate our Group’s capabilities, we’ve compiled an example below of an Impellam brand supporting a client with a STEM statement of work solution - providing strategic, financial and operational benefits. Click here for a PDF download.

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