Technology Solutions

We utilise a wide range of talent acquisition and workforce management technology to meet the unique challenges of our clients, combining proprietary tech with industry leading strategic technology partnerships.

Comensura’s platform, for example is our most powerful proprietary vendor management system tool yet, available to our customers for procuring, ordering, selecting and paying for the contingent and permanent workforce they purchase from external suppliers. Whilst Impellam Group’s digital staffing platform Flexy uses psychometrics, machine learning, and nudge theory to unlock local talent, connecting between companies looking for flexible labour and individuals looking for flexible work.

Impellam’s tech partnerships are vast and constantly reviewed as the world of work continues to evolve at pace. We evaluate new tools and technologies daily through an agile, but rigorous process. We have a team that is responsible for identifying trends in talent tech, vetting tech partners for viability, proof of concept, selectively engaging the right tech into our ecosystem, and deploying the right tech solutions for our clients. We can provide the right tech stack to meet any recruitment challenge.

Impellam brands in action

To demonstrate our Group’s capabilities, we’ve compiled an example below of an Impellam brand supporting a client with a technology solution - providing strategic, financial and operational benefits. Click here for a PDF download.

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