TTM & Total Workforce Solutions

Total Talent Management (TTM) or Total Workforce solutions, integrate permanent (RPO) and contingent talent (MSP) solutions to create an all-encompassing, holistic approach to talent management.

These comprehensive solutions have become increasingly prevalent within the workforce solutions industry due to the many benefits of using a single outsourcing partner to support with both contingent and permanent hiring needs, especially as organisations evolve to an increasingly blended workforce model post-Covid. Benefits of this highly strategic approach include increased cost savings, enhanced employer branding and greater workforce productivity through talent pooling, breaking down talent silos and the redeployment of valuable skillsets. All Impellam Group MSP and RPO brands have the infrastructure and expertise to support Total Talent solutions.

Impellam brands in action

To demonstrate our Group’s capabilities, we’ve compiled an example below of an Impellam brand supporting a client with Total Talent Management - providing strategic, financial and operational benefits. Click here for a PDF download.

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