Volume 1 - Employee Lifecycle


Each seminar combines extensive research with real-world scenarios. We provide tangible, actionable solutions that can be implemented straight away to improve business productivity and growth.

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The Future of Work

The world of work is changing and will soon be unrecognisable from what it is today. From macro trends of urbanisation, demography and life expectancy, to the ever-increasing capability of technology, businesses are facing competition from everywhere all at once. Businesses must future-proof through the hiring and retention of great people with the skills required to grow businesses. By connecting the complex dots, this seminar examines how the future has already started to shape businesses today. After all, the future is already here…

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The Generation Game

There are already five generations in the workplace today. To manage these contrasting talent demographics effectively, employers must identify the varying differences between generations, better understand how they view and value work, and learn what provides them with a sense of purpose. This seminar considers the behavioural traits, values and motivators of each generation in the workplace, together with the political, cultural and technological factors impacting each. We detail actionable recommendations around how generational differences can be leveraged to help grow businesses. 

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Employer Branding

The biggest driver of any business’s profit and growth is people. Talent is the foundation of businesses success, and the ability to hire and retain great people is the most important thing a business can do in this changing world. Today though, talent has a choice and unemployment is at unprecedented lows. This seminar details how employers should address their branding to effectively attract and retain the best talent, and in turn, grow their business. We identify how businesses can define employer branding, manage it, and respond to it. 

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What Does Good Look Like?

Recruitment is the most important people process businesses have, yet very few businesses have mastered the recruitment process. For all its importance, and for all the investment businesses make in recruitment, why is it so hard to hire good people to help build better businesses? This seminar provides the tools required to increase the number of good hires and increase productivity and business growth. Without these best practice recruitment tools, businesses will continue making mediocre hires and productivity will continue to be dismal. 

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Don't Forget the Candidate!

Virgin discovered that poor candidate experience in their business was costing them £4.5 million a year. Research reveals that poor candidate experience has a major impact on a business’s future ability to hire talent, and future customer bases. In this seminar, we investigate the end-to-end candidate experience, how it can impact businesses, and how to measure the cost of candidate experience to improve it. The seminar provides 10 tangible takeaways that enable businesses to improve how candidates are managed.

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Employee Engagement

The world of work has a major employee engagement problem. Only 20% of the working population are actively engaged, with the same percentage being actively disengaged. And the remainder? They can be summed up in a single word - ‘whatever.’ Engagement is a well-known term but few can really define it, so what is it all about, and why does it matter to businesses? This seminar removes the ambiguity surrounding employee engagement through the use of real terms, evidence, and solutions – turning employee engagement into competitive advantage. Through real-world corporate examples, we examine how engagement can be measured to avoid pitfalls, and provide eight proven actions that increase workforce engagement. 

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Appraising the Appraisal Process

Appraisal processes and people measurements are broken. Few look forward to appraisals, few gain from them, and research demonstrates that those who come out as being the company’s best performers are not necessarily the best. Yet measuring people feels right; we’re measured from an early age and expect that to continue in the world of business. Employees want feedback to improve; business has a vested interest in making this happen, but all too often current processes fails to deliver. Through historical context, examination of current processes, key objectives and tangible planning recommendations, this seminar demonstrates how performance management can increase workforce engagement when executed effectively.

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Apprenticeships provide businesses with the opportunity to review the skills required to grow businesses in a transformative age, but few leverage the opportunity. Apprenticeships drive engagement, motivation and retention of staff, whilst reducing attrition cost bases and improving business’s ability to attract talent searching for long-term careers. They provide talent with a sense of meaning and purpose through tailored, real-world, practical learning programmes. This seminar addresses the myths, realities and opportunities that apprenticeships offer organisations, and how they can help to build better businesses in a changing world through upskilling.

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Why People Leave Their Jobs and How To Get Them To Stay

Businesses spend a fortune on attracting, selecting and hiring talent. Often, however, the costs of attrition dwarf the costs of attraction. Advances in big data from workforces, and subsequent insights enable meaningful insights that reveal the true reasons behind why people leave their jobs. This seminar assesses the most recent research, highlights the unique reasons people leave, and provides tangible insight into what line managers can do to improve retention. We’ll assesses people’s true motivators to help businesses understand how they can provide fulfilling jobs to improve retention.

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