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Along with our clients, we must balance the complexity of social and environmental challenges with fast changing expectations from our people. We aim for Impellam to be a low-carbon and resource-efficient company.

We continue to work on cutting our carbon footprint, having introduced electric cars as well as renewable energy in our offices.

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Net Zero journey

Being open and transparent about our carbon footprint, and sharing our journey to Net Zero, is key to building and retaining the trust of our people, customers and investors.


We've made a long-term commitment to our blended working policy, which encourages less impactful working behaviors by working from home and conducting meetings online.


We calculate our environmental impact across Scope 1, 2 and 3 (selected categories) for our UK operations. Our 2022 UK emissions were 894,249 kgCO2e (down from 969,569 kgCO2e in 2021). This is an average impact of 442 kgCO2e per £m revenue (down from 582 kgCO2e per £m in 2021). 


We achieved carbon neutral certification for 2022 by offsetting our carbon emissions, using the PAS2060 framework, and our head office has achieved accreditation to ISO 14001 in relation to its environment management systems. 

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Renewable energy

Impellam completed its first full financial year in 2022 of purchasing 100% renewable electricity generated only through wind, solar and hydro for all of its UK operations. You can see our Bryt Energy certification here. 

Impellam has in place an electric vehicle scheme available to all UK employees and invested in and installed nine EV Charging Points at the UK Head Office.

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Our people supporting our future

We encourage our Virtuoso’s to have a say and be involved in our sustainability and environmental practices. One of our Business Resource Groups run by our people called IM Earth is dedicated to raising awareness on environmental issues.

Our brands have also set up the Green Ambassador network, which bring together two ambassadors from each brand to be responsible for driving carbon reduction initiatives at brand level and supporting the Group.