The following information is provided in order to satisfy Impellam Group plc’s (the “Group”) requirements under Paragraph 16(2), Schedule 19 of Finance Act 2016, to publish its tax strategy in relation to the 2023 financial period ended 5 January 2024.

(15th December 2023).

Our commitment to compliance

Impellam is a responsible tax payer, committed to complying with our global tax obligations. The administration of the Group’s global taxes includes filing, reporting and payments in line with applicable tax laws and regulations in all territories in which we operate, including the UK, which is our primary place of business.

Our approach to governance

Our tax strategy is aligned with our vision, which is to be the world’s most trusted staffing company. It is approved, owned and overseen by the Board and Audit Committee. The Group Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”) has overall responsibility for overseeing tax strategy, management of tax risk and the underlying governance framework. The Group Head of Tax, who reports to the CFO, has day-to-day responsibility for these areas and is responsible for management of tax compliance and tax risks across the Group.

How we manage tax risks

Due to the nature of the staffing industry in which it operates, Impellam faces inherent tax risks based on the type of contractual relationships we enter into, and the volume and frequency of transactions undertaken. We seek to identify, evaluate, manage and monitor these risks to ensure they remain in line with the Group’s risk appetite. Our processes and controls are designed to minimise unnecessary or disproportionate risks. Where there is significant uncertainty or complexity in relation to a risk, we obtain external advice from appropriately qualified advisors.

Our attitude to tax planning and level of risk

When engaging in commercial activities in new and existing territories, both UK and local tax legislation is considered to ensure compliance with all applicable tax rules. We claim tax reliefs and incentives as available under tax legislation, but do not undertake transactions led by a tax planning purpose. In cases where we do not have the necessary technical expertise, we obtain tax advice to ensure the tax consequences of any proposed transactions are fully understood.

Our approach to dealing with tax authorities

Our relationships with tax authorities are based on openness, honesty and integrity. In the UK, we interact regularly with HMRC via our Customer Compliance Manager in order to discuss tax affairs on a real-time basis. We take a collaborative approach in all interactions with tax authorities and seek to make accurate and timely disclosure in correspondence and returns.