Image of Hoa Ngo next to the words 'Congratulations Hoa Ngo' with the INvolve role model logo underneath

Hoa Ngo named in the INvolve - The Inclusion People Empower 2023 Top 100 Executives list.

Congratulations to our UK Managing Director of ComensuraHoa Ngo, who has been named in the INvolve - The Inclusion People Empower 2023 Top 100 Executives list.

The Empower Role Model lists supported by YouTube, showcases and celebrates leaders who are leading by example through driving inclusion, breaking down barriers and opening up opportunities within the workplace for people of colour.

At Impellam Group, we are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse culture built on trust.

We’re proud that Hoa Ngo has been named and recognised for her incredible work in promoting diversity and inclusion within the

You can read the full list of Executives here.
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