Guidant Global's AI Partnership Delivers Client Results

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Guidant Global's AI Partnership Delivers Client Results

Guidant Global and Brightfield Strategies have a strategic partnership that delivers client efficiencies, driven by artificial intelligence (AI).

Impellam Group’s talent acquisition and managed services provider, Guidant Global, has integrated Brightfield’s AI-driven workforce analytics platform, Talent Data Exchange (TDX), into their international client offering. The AI-driven platform enables clients to identify areas for improvement across their organisations in a time and cost efficient way, based on informative market data.

"We'll be able to turn the volume up to 11 in terms of offering strategic value to our clients," said Brian Salkowski, North American President of Guidant Global. "TDX benchmarking and analytics will give our clients unprecedented visibility, helping them to make better decisions and meet their objectives."

TDX enables clients of the Impellam managed services brand to model and test various workforce strategies using international market data. The AI-driven workforce analytics platform leverages comprehensive market data to deliver high level insights, including real-world job descriptions. The AI analytics enables greater precision for the Impellam brand and their partners when modelling and benchmarking workforce strategies. 

Airbus have benefitted from the strategic technological capabilities delivered to them by Guidant Global. The client sought to evaluate job titles used across their organisation in an effort to standardise the variety of titles used across numerous competencies that the Airbus team at Guidant Global recruit for. The intelligent AI-driven TDX platform has made the evaluation of job titles efficient and highly informed, and strategic decisions are made based on the market-informed data gathered by the platform. 

We also have more information on technology solutions delivered by our brands for those interested.

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