Impellam Group wins Workplace Transform Award

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Impellam Group wins Workplace Transform Award

Impellam Group is delighted to win prestigious Workplace Award for ‘Most Impressive Executive Engagement’.

Impellam Group is delighted to have won the prestigious Workplace Award for ‘Most Impressive Executive Engagement’ in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on 27th September, 2018.

Impellam Group rolled out the internal communication platform in April 2018 across the five continents in which our brands operate.

Since being rolled out, Workplace has broken down silos, streamlined internal communications, and opened up new channels of strategic conversation across the business to improve Group insight and productivity.

The leaders of Impellam Group have pioneered Workplace from the very start. Group CEO, Julia Robertson, regularly shares engaging videos and posts that provide the business with insight into our collective mission and vision; to be the world’s most trusted staffing company – trusted by our people, our customers and our investors in equal measures.

Julia has leveraged the democratic capabilities of Workplace through the use of polls, and our leaders engender trust and transparency with business updates and engagements with colleagues’ posts on Workplace.

The internal communication platform facilitates heightened collaboration across our portfolio of managed services and specialist staffing brands. Collaboration through innovation enables Impellam Group to provide international clients with the expert recruitment support that their businesses require in a changing world. 

Workplace also supports Impellam Group’s strategic business objective to love our candidates. The collaborative nature of Workplace allows our brands to instantly share candidate feedback. Candidate feedback enables Impellam Group to gain a deep understanding of how we can improve our service to ensure we find fulfilling work that provides a genuine sense of purpose for everyone around the world. 

Workplace enables all 3,200 Impellam Group employees to have a voice and engage easily with everyone, including leaders, across our international business, whilst supporting our commitment to our strategic objectives. 

We’re delighted to have won this award, and would like to extend special thanks to Azuronaut for their support in implementing Workplace. Impellam is excited for the future efficiencies and strategic powers that Workplace will provide our business. 

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