Increasing workforce productivity through listening

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Increasing workforce productivity through listening

Delivering clear lines of communication will build trust with temporary workforces

Managers who invest energy and time into delivering clear lines of communication will build trust with their teams, ultimately leading to increased productivity and team morale.

With up to 40% of the global workforce now contingent, it’s important to acknowledge and effectively communicate with temporary workforces like permanent staff. It takes specific skills to listen effectively, including listening with an open mind, not interrupting and picking up on non-verbal clues.

Careful consideration should be also be given to creating an effective employee feedback process so that it’s deployed as part of a wider engagement strategy.

To read this full blog by Impellam brand, Blue Arrow on how to listen to your temporary workforce, click here. Blue Arrow is one of the UK’s largest recruitment consultancies, placing candidates into fulfilling temporary roles within transport, logistics, call centres, hospitality, catering, manufacturing, production and Public Sector roles. Click here for a full list of Impellam Group brands.

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