National STEM Day

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National STEM Day

Happy National STEM Day 2023

Happy National STEM Day!

We’re delighted to celebrate (today and every day!) the work and achievements of our experts and talent community in the ever-evolving world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

At Impellam, we’re proud to have filled more than 26,500 STEM roles over the last year and we continue to engage with over 1 million STEM experts in our talent communities.

In the UK our experts have continued to make a difference with their work to support young people getting into STEM, including working with charities like STEM Learning UK’s Ambassador Program and - Raising Digital Kids. We also working to support and encourage the growing pool of future talent through our STEM Council For Good North America programme, which provides mentorship pathways for people wanting to get into STEM.

We are dedicated to breaking down barriers and unleashing the potential of our diverse and ambitious STEM candidates, helping them change lives, change businesses and change futures.

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