2019 Workforce Planning Trends

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2019 Workforce Planning Trends

For 2019, a digital-savvy workforce coupled with changing work environments will be among the top factors to consider when planning your workforce

In a changing world, it’s become challenging for companies to plan ahead and anticipate their future workforce needs.1 A strategic workforce plan can ensure that you’re prepared for what’s next and that all the right talent and skills are in place to help your business succeed. The key to successful workforce planning is to be proactive and well aware of the trends that are shaping and changing the industry that you operate in.

Key workforce planning trends for 2019 include:

  • Increasing emphasis on collaboration: emerging technologies are introducing simplified ways for dispersed teams to collaborate internally, regardless of where employees are located. Future planning efforts need to consider how you can arrange teams to build a collaborative workforce.

  • Fast-growing remote workforce: the number of employees working remotely are increasing and are expected to rise beyond 2019. Employers therefore need to think about which roles will be fully remote, as they’ll require a unique onboarding process.

  • Making data-driven decisions: more companies are relying on data and analytics to make decisions regarding their workforce. Based on existing HR data, you can determine in advance which talent and skills gaps you’ll need to fill.

Workforce planning will continue to be an important exercise for managers as evolving employee requirements will reshape and reinvent how businesses approach workforce management. For 2019, a digital-savvy workforce coupled with changing work environments will be among the top factors to consider when planning your workforce.2

Our managed services brand, Guidant Global, have become experts in getting the workforce planning basics right for their customers. “In order for businesses to be successful, workforces need to be agile and performing at their optimal level. This is not only a challenge to achieve with current staff, it’s even more difficult to predict which talent is needed long-term in order create a workforce that remains productive, especially with an ever-changing global outlook. This is where workforce planning comes into play. Workforce planning is an action plan to ensure that you have the right skillsets in the right roles at exactly the right time.” – Cameron Robinson, Guidant Global Client Solutions Manager.

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