World Creativity and Innovation Day 2022

10 minutes

World Creativity and Innovation Day 2022

We’re here to solve our clients’ challenges – which is why we’re helping all our colleagues to think more strategically.

To mark World Creativity and Innovation Day on Thursday 21 April, we invited all Impellam Group colleagues to a panel discussion on how to create a successful strategy.

Hundreds of them tuned in to listen to Chief Customer Officer Penny Queller, Jamie Eaton, SVP Customer Strategy, and our external guest speaker explain what strategy is and how to design a successful one.

Asking ‘why?’ is key component of strategy, Penny and Jamie told attendees – whether you’re trying to think more strategically or design a strategy with purpose.

Jamie said: “Strategy is about defining where you are today, where you want to be, how you are going to get there and why you want to achieve those long-term goals.

“For me, the ‘why?’ brings purpose – which people can buy into. Unless there’s an emotional buy-in, then it’s not going to get off the ground.”

Both Jamie and Penny emphasised the importance of designing strategy in collaboration with other teams or functions – and always with an eye on the external market and the challenges facing our clients.

Penny added that it was important that colleagues at all levels had the opportunity to be involved in decision making. “When I have the opportunity to think strategically and contribute to that strategy, then I’m part of owning it, executing it and making it happen. I operate better that way – I think we all do.”

She told colleagues to be curious and to ask questions – not just of their colleagues, but of our clients too. She said: “Prioritise speaking to clients to really and truly understand their challenges. Ask them why, listen and ask them why again.”

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