Impellam Virtuosos Build Better Businesses in a Changing World

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Impellam Virtuosos Build Better Businesses in a Changing World

Our Impellam Virtuoso programme inspires our managers to make the right promises that lead innovative solutions

Our agile, innovative staffing solutions and commitment to providing fulfilling work for our candidates help us to build better businesses for our clients in a changing world.

Our culture is grounded in trust, the golden thread that runs through all our managed workforce and specialist staffing brands. We build trust by making and keeping promises. We do exactly what we say we’re going to do. We make and keep promises to deliver better results and experiences to our customers, candidates, employees and investors.

We are trusted to partner with clients to build better businesses, improve the lives through decent work, and support economic growth in a transformative age.

We support our people to deliver on their promises through the Virtuoso Programme. The Impellam Virtuoso programme provides the tools that enable our people to make bold, transformational promises to help build better businesses in a changing world.


Being an Impellam Virtuoso means being trusted to tune in to clients by asking the right questions to create better dialogue. Impellam Virtuosos make the right promises that lead innovative solutions.


Bash Shah is a National Account Manager for Blue Arrow and a Virtuoso manager, inspired through the Virtuoso Programme to relentlessly drive positive change across his clients’ business.

“My bold promise to my client and to Impellam focuses on growing my client account to an annual spend over £20 million by January 2020”, explains Bash.

“As a result of the Virtuoso programme, I approach every conversation actively looking to understand what more I can do to improve my clients’ business and deliver on my bold promise.”

“I’ve been provided with the tools to leverage conversations to uncover real challenges, develop close relationships with my clients, and inspire all stakeholders to work collaboratively to address and deliver what needs to happen to help the clients build truly better businesses.”

“Close client partnerships and mutual trust mean my clients and my team have the confidence to declare exactly what we want to achieve, make bold promises, and hold each other accountable to these promises.”

“As a specialist Virtuoso, I’m persistent and less inclined to just accept the way my clients have historically done things if it doesn’t help towards building better businesses. The Virtuoso programme has made me more resilient, tenacious, and determined to be trusted in everything I do for my clients.”

“To me, being a Virtuoso is about always looking at what’s next; identifying what’s missing that would help to build a better business for my clients. I’ve evolved into a better leader, one that inspires others to do better. The Virtuoso programme really shifts mindsets from being reactive to being more innovative and inspirational.”

We now have over 400 Virtuoso managers across Impellam, all inspiring teams to tune in to customers and continue providing fulfilling work to build better businesses in a changing world.

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