Supporting the fight against covid-19

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Supporting the fight against covid-19

Impellam people play an important role in the fight against covid-19.

Impellam people play a vital role in the fight against covid-19, and the importance and reality of the work we do every day has never been more apparent.

Regional Specialists: Corestaff in North America

Like many other countries, the US continues to struggle with the effects of covid-19, and Corestaff has been doing great work to support our US clients to provide their best candidates to provide swift support to critical industries.

A key example is the partnership with a healthcare technology provider in the US. Corestaff are supporting this customer by providing both short-term and longer-term candidates that can carry out their call centre function whilst working remotely. The purpose of the call centre is to provide medical advice, process medical claims and allocating coverage. With Corestaff’s help, it allowed this customer to continue to provide the right level of support, guidance and advice to their clients who are being directly affected by covid-19.

Another client being supported by the Corestaff team in Houston is a Pharmaceutical company, who is also a major distributor of hospital IV bags and medications. Corestaff is providing production staff to support the increased need by hospitals for these products as a result of covid-19. The team has been able to place multiple production associates who are ensuring these medical supplies get to patients in hospital as soon as possible.

Corestaff is also supporting a client who specialises in the repair, manufacturing and distribution of heart monitors. These monitors are able to send information from a patient to a doctor remotely, complying with social distancing measures. Corestaff has recruited 30 customer service candidates who are working from home to help answer patient questions relating to their products.

A large administrator of government-sponsored programmes who has been selected to operate a covid-19 crisis management hotline in the US, has reached out to Corestaff to assist with supplying candidates for their call centre. Corestaff expedited their hiring process and were able to provide candidates within 3 days of initially receiving the request, who are working hard to connect those most effected by the virus with the community resources they need.

Corestaff has provided 550 candidates to help produce heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units for a client that manufactures these units for families quarantined in their homes, hospitals fighting fevers, and grocery stores needing to keep foods cool.


Managed Services Providers: Guidant Global and Comensura

Comensura Australia is supporting the public sector with Communications experts who are responsible for internal and external covid-19 communications. The team in Australia are also supporting with candidates responsible for contact tracing for covid-19 cases.

Guidant Global are proud of their UK public sector team who are working incredibly hard to support one of their local authority clients in London by redeploying people into essential key worker roles. These include children practitioners being moved into adult care support roles, school bus drivers now being utilised for key worker transport, and school catering candidates are now supporting homeless shelters and care homes.


Regional Specialists: Blue Arrow

Blue Arrow is playing a key role in ensuring the NHS in the UK can function with the increased pressures of covid-19. Branches across the UK have been working hard to place candidates in hospitals as porters, domestic assistants, cleaning staff, housekeepers and patient catering. These candidates were all existing Blue Arrow chef candidates, who have adapted their skills in order to support the NHS.

In Norwich, the team has also placed over 40 candidates across a number of private hospitals being used by the NHS to provide additional beds in response to the virus outbreak.


Regional Specialists: Carbon60

Our construction and engineering specialists in the UK, Carbon60, has now started over 190 candidates in hospitals across the UK, with more to come as more shifts come through. 

Carbon60 continue to support by supplying over 400 candidates needed to deliver essential services covering everything from Ambulance Detailers to PPE Packers. The team works in shifts to attract, screen, interview and onboard the relevant skill sets. The Carbon60 Key Work Network was launched to support this, and to date this network has 500+ candidates registered and is growing every day, with over 280 roles being filled and ready to start.


Regional Specialists: Tate

Our office specialists in the UK, Tate, was contacted by a Housing Association client asking for support for residents who have been detrimentally affected by covid-19 and have lost their jobs. In response to this, Tate is currently creating guides that can be placed on their website for their residents to download as job search support.


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